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Isaac Ben Greggs

Isaac Ben Greggs
Band Director
Southern University, Baton Rouge
Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame, 2013
"The most important thing is not teaching the music, teaching the drill,
or marching the formations. That's secondary to me. What I tried to instill in the kids
for the past 37 years was something they could use in mainstream America - that they
will be able to fit in when they get in."
"It's gonna be alright!"
Rose Audrey Metoyer Greggs (widow); Children: Andree Greggs Vaughn (Percy),
Colette Marie Greggs, Dedrick Jon Greggs (Carla), and Mark Eric Greggs (Latricia);
Grandchildren: Kirsten, Kory, Jamal, Kyle, Daniel, and Casey; and 6 great grandchildren

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