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Henkle & Joyce Hardware Building 1887

Henkle & Joyce
Hardware Building
The Henkle& Joyce Hardware Building,
built circa 1887, is one of the Haymarket's
key early structures. With it's smaller scale
and rich ornamentation, it is characteristic
of the district's 19th century buildings.
Jones, Douglas & Co. manufactured crackers
and biscuits here from 1887 to 1905. In the
later years they supplied National Biscuit
Company, later known as Nabisco.
The bakery was converted into a hardware
warehouse in 1905 when it was leased by
Lincoln Hardware Company. Robert M.
Joyce and Elmer E. Henkle purchased the
property in 1910. The structure is also
unique for its 80 years of continuous use as
a hardware warehouse.

Lincoln Haymarket Development Corporation

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