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Gravity Car


Gravity Car

Mill Valley & Mt. Tamalpais Scenic Railway

From 1902 to 1929, gravity cars coasted from the top of Mount Tamalpais down to Mill Valley (8 miles) or to Muir Woods National Monument (7 miles), giving passengers the world's longest roller coaster ride on the "Crookedest Railroad in the World". San Francisco visitors could ride a side-wheel steamer to Sausalito, an electric train to Mill Valley and a steam locomotive to Tamalpais Tavern for a meal or room, and then coast on their return to Mill Valley in a gravity car, sometimes by moonlight. Each car carried up to 29 passengers and a brakeman in the right front sear who controlled the speed of descent. These truly unique wooden cars have all perished, but the suspension and wheels are authentic on this replica constructed for the City of Mll Valley in 1990.

Replica Project Team

Project leadership: 1989-90 City Council

Construction plans: Ralph Alexander

Research: Ted Wurm, Al Graves, Bill Provines, Robert Smith

Genuine rail car trucks: Al Graves

Construction materials: Mill Valley Lumber, Goodman Building Supply

Construction crew: Lions Club, Rotary International, Dull Plumbing,City Council members and staff, and countless volunteers

All materials and labor donated


Submitted by @billgraham

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