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Donner Party Camp at Alder Creek Valley


In the Fall of 1846, 25 Members of
The Donner Party became Trapped by an
Early Snowstorm here at Alder Creek
Valley. The George and Jacob Donner
Families, their Teamsters, and Fellow
Travelers Suffered Extreme Hardship
and Starvation. They Spent the Winter
Here Cut Off from the Rest of Their
Party Who Camped at Donner Lake.
Only 11 Survived the Ordeal. Their
Survival, Against Desperate Odds,
Stands as a Testament to the Enduring
Pioneer Spirit that Helped Shape the
Future of California.

Dedicated on September 28, 1996
by the Tahoe National Forest to Commemorate
the 150th Anniversary of the Donner Party Tragedy.

Submitted by: Eric Goodill

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