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Cherokee Boundary

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In 1766-67 S.C. & N.C. negotiated 
with the Cherokee to establish a 
boundary between Indian land to the 
west and new settlement to the east. 
This north-south line ran past this 
point to N.C. and on to Va. In S.C. 
It ran north from near present-day 
Honea Path, crossed the Reedy River 
near present-day Princeton, and 
ended at the S.C.-N.C. line.


(Continued from other side)

The Cherokee ceded all land east of 
the 1767 line to the colonies of 
S.C. and N.C. In 1786, when S.C. 
created its first counties, the line 
from the Reedy River to the S.C.- 
N.C. line south of Tryon, N.C. was 
the boundary for Greenville County 
between both Spartanburg and Laurens 
Counties. In 1793 the Greenville 
boundary shifted east to accommodate 
new settlers south of the Enoree River.

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