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Bayley - Hazen Military Road 1776 - 1779

Bayley - Hazen
Military Road 1776 - 1779
Began Just North at Wells River

Conceived, planned, laid out & financed by Newbury founder,
Gen. Jacob Bayley 1726–1815, who on Nov. 24, 1775, presented
his plan to Gen. George Washington for a shorter military route
to Canada. On Washington's orders, Bayley began road
in spring of 1776. After 26 mi., it was halted until 1779
when Washington ordered Col. Moses Hazen & Col. Timothy Bedel
to report to Bayley & continue his road about 26 mi. further
northwest to Hazen's Notch now Westfield, VT. Thos. Johnson,
Frye Bayley, Abial & Silas Chamberlain, John McLean & Native
American, "Indian Joe", surveyed road for Gen. Bayley. Most
are buried here at Ox Bow Cemetery near Gen. Bayley.

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