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Front Street

Front Street You're Not A Very Tidy Place, Front Street, And You Have A Dirty Face, Front Street; But In Your Buildings Bleak And Cold There Beats Many A Heart Of Gold. And Tho You're Battle Scarred And Old You're Still Our Front Street. There's Been Many A Gallant Knight On Front Street, Who Has Fought A Valiant Fight, On Front Street, There've Been Battles Won And Lost; They've Been Clawed And Gored And Tossed By Bulls And Bears At Awful Cost, On Front Street. There's Many A Kindly Deed Done On Front Street; They've Helped Many A One In Need On Front Street. There Are Hearts As Soft As Fluff That Assume A Manner Gruff - Just To Hide Their Real Fine Stuff, On Front Street. Many Have Traveled Far And Wide Who Have Lived On Front Street. They Have Fought And Bled And Died On Front Street But With Memories Of The Past Crowding Around Me Thick And Fast I Want To Stay Until The Very Last On Front Street. By W.J. Britton

Submitted from the Shelby County Register's Office.

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