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College Point Pharmacy

College Point Pharmacy Convent, Louisiana Established in the late nineteenth century, the pharmacy was relocated to this building in 1934, constructed by Louis Aristeé Poché Pharmacist and then ...

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Bald Cypress

Louisiana State Tree. Some are believed to have lives 800-1200 years. The height could be 130' to 150'. Lutcher, LA was a bustling town with a huge sawmill in the 20's.

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U.S.Navy Model 1816 42-pounder Guns

The Confederates had three 42-pounder guns. There was one gun each in River Batteries Nos. 2, 3 and 5. These guns remained on the river front for the duration of the siege. This solid shot is ...

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California State Railroad Museum

    William E. Moore Historic City Hall

      Jeremiah Cronin Jr. House / John Bellairs

      This picturesque residence was erected in 1872 for Marshall merchant Jeremiah Cronin Jr. and his wife, Susan. Local contractor Frederick N. Church constructed this house, as well as Cronin’s ...

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      Site of 21-Mile House

        Brady Family Aquatics Building

          Old Davis High School

            Davis Subway

              Or Wooden Ship

                Royston Factory Mill

                Henry Merrell built the Royston Factory Mill, Arkansas first textile factory, 3 miles north of Murfreesboro in 1856. The complex also held saw, grist and flour mills. After the Civil War began, the ...

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                Henry Merrell

                Henry Merrell, known as the "Industrial Missionary to the South," was born in Utica, N.Y., in 1816. He moved to Arkansas in 1856 and built an industrial complex in Pike Co. He helped draft ...

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                I biked up to Mt View Cemetery this morning to wish Oakland hero #FredKorematsu a happy 100th birthday, then made a donation to the #KorematsuInstitute to continue his legacy of social justice & ...

                  The Toronto Recursive History Project

                  THE TORONTO RECURSIVE HISTORY PROJECT OF TORONTO'S RECURSIVE HISTORY This plaque was commemorated on October 10, 2018, commemorate its own commemoration. Plaques like this one are an integral part of ...

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                  Nelson Algren

                  Nelson Algren lived here Submitted by @robertloerzel

                    Melving "Guardrail" Masters

                    Submitted by @transgeekmovie

                      Point Shirley

                      Once known as Pullen Poynte, the Point contains a considerable part of the history of the north side of #BostonHarbor. The first Governor Massachusetts Bay Colony, Gov. #JohnWinthrop had become ...

                        Sam Bell Maxey

                        Home of Sam Bell Maxey Native Kentuckian, West Point graduate, brevetted for gallantry in Mexican war, district attorney from Lamar County, Major General C. S. A. in Tennessee and ...

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                        St. Paul Baptist Church

                        Organized 1867; one of founding churches (1872), Zion District Baptist Association. Original pastor, the Rev. Elisha Barnes (1811-95), served 20 years, led congregation to build (about 1876) its ...

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                        Old Cemetery of Paris

                        The old city cemetery is located on land once owned by George Washington Wright (1809-1877), founder of the city of Paris. The oldest grave here is said to be that of a free black man who worked for ...

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                        John S. Chisum

                        Burial Site of John S. Chisum (1824-1884) Cattle baron whose herds, moving from east to west Texas and into New Mexico, expanded into one of the greatest cattle spreads in the west. Coming ...

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                        Atkinson - Morris House

                        Built about 1890 by Jethro D. Atkinson, bank director and owner of Paris' first shoe store. Bought 1910 by social leaders, Dr. Eugene Felder Morris and wife Elizabeth. A fine example of Victorian ...

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                        Lightfoot - Coleman House

                        Alabama native Henry William Lightfoot a Confederate veteran of Forrest's Cavalry, came to Paris in 1872 as a law partner of Sam Bell Maxey. Two years later, he married Maxey's adopted daughter, Dora ...

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                        Judge Wm. Henry Lightfoot House

                        Built 1876 by Judge Wm. Henry Lightfoot, veteran of Forrest's Cavalry in Civil War; law partner of Gen. (and U. S. Senator) Sam B. Maxey. Lumber was hauled from Jefferson. Has square nails. ...

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