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Bear Flag Raised June 14, 1846

    The End of the Mission Trail 1523-1823

      Fire Chief Raymond Pigoni

        Benicia Promenade

          Dedicated to the Memory of the Pony Express Riders

            The Grand Army of Liberty

            To those citizens of the United States who at the call of humanity laid aside their vocations to become soldiers in the Grand Army of Liberty. This memorial is dedicated 1918

              Pause Traveler and Be Grateful to Norton 1st

              From Robert Anton Wilson (http://www.rawillumination.net/2018/11/emperor- norton-plaque-restored.html)

                Little Bay de Noc

                The Noquet (or Noc) Indians, who once lived along these shores, gave this bay its name. Here at Sand Point, in 1844, Douglass Houghton came with his party of government surveyors to chart the land ...

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                Orsel McGhee House

                In 1944 the Orsel McGhees, a black family, moved here into what was then an all-white neighborhood. A neighboring family won a court order revoking the McGhees’ purchase of the house on the basis ...

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                Masters of Navigation

                Chinese Explore the World in Junks

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                • 1405
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                DuPage County Pioneer Park

                  Andrews University

                  This, the oldest Seventh-day Adventist college and the pioneer in a world-wide system of Christian education, was chartered in 1874 at Battle Creek as Battle Creek College. It was moved to ...

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                  In Fond & Loving Memory of Anthony, Colleen & Vivien Wong

                    Parque del Tepeyac

                      Johnson & Wales University

                        Sallie Rutherford Thaler

                          Pastore e Padre Amatissimo

                            Tony Forster

                              POW Tree

                                NO. 239 MISSION SAN LUÍS REY DE FRANCIA

                                From the Flickr group Historical Markers, photo by tkksummers, full page.License is Attribution- ShareAlike License

                                  Centenario de la Constitucion


                                    "The Yankees are wonderful  people. If they emigrated to  hell itself, they would somehow manage to change the climate." General Mariano Vallejo

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                                    Keweenaw Bay

                                    This region’s history is long and rich. Father Ménard, the Jesuit missionary, wintered near what is now L’Anse in 1660-61. Near here Father Baraga set up his mission in 1843. He and the head of ...

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                                    Brent Moriwaki

                                      The Giant Dipper

                                      THE GIANT DIPPER  SANTA CRUZ BEACH BOARDWALK

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